Privacy & Security Policy


At Airport Taxi Gatwick, safeguarding your data privacy is at the core of our ethos. We are committed to adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that the data you entrust us with is protected and treated with the utmost care.

Data Collection:

  • Details provided by users during the course of booking, inquiries, or when providing feedback. 
  • Automated data collection methods on our website, encompassing but not restricted to, cookies and server logs.

Purpose and Legal Basis for Processing:

  • To process bookings and send confirmations in alignment with our contractual obligations
  • To refine and improve the user experience on our website, rooted in legitimate business interests.
  • To efficiently address user inquiries and feedback, anchored on the clear consent given by our users.

Data Retention:

Airport Taxi Gatwick holds personal data solely for the period necessary to achieve the purposes highlighted in this policy. Subsequently, such data is securely purged.

User Rights Under GDPR:

Being a cherished customer of Great Britain Cars grants you the rights to:

  • Access the specific data we maintain about you. 
  • Correct any inaccuracies in your stored data.
  • Request the erasure of your data. 
  • Seek limitations on the processing of your data.
  • Exercise the right to data portability.
  • Raise concerns regarding certain data processing activities.

Data Protection Measures:

  • Deployment of sophisticated encryption mechanisms. 
  • Regular security assessments to pinpoint and counteract potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Ensuring our external collaborators uphold GDPR regulations.

Data Transfers Beyond EU/EEA:

While our primary practice is to process data within the EU/EEA boundaries, on the uncommon instances where data is shifted outside these regions, we enact stringent protective standards.

Data Protection Registration:

Airport Taxi Gatwick is a branch of Uktransfer2016 Limited, situated at: UKTRANSFER2016 LTD, 10-16 Tiller Road, London, Greater London, E14 8PX. Our official registration with the ICO stands under the reference ZA765654

Policy Updates:

This policy may undergo occasional amendments. Users are encouraged to revisit this section routinely to keep abreast of the latest updates.


Engaging with Great Britain Cars signifies your recognition and endorsement of the principles and clauses enshrined in this privacy policy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Our Clients Testimonials

Friendly drivers

Very good service! Leo was there on time and was a very friendly driver. Thank you for organizing my booking so efficiently even though I only contacted two days in advance

Fast Response and Great Service

I thought of going by train at the start but later decided to go by cab. I Booked online for the coming Sunday. The cab driver arrived on time and was pleasant to talk to. We were off and the trip was great throughout from London City Airport to Bicester. I enjoyed the trip and also went to the following places.

Good service

I looked on the web and Gatwick Airport Taxi showed up on top of the examination. I booked the cab on the web and the driver was there hanging tight for me when I showed up. Welcomed me with a grin and conversed with me pleasantly all through the journey.

Good communication

I enjoyed the Gatwick Airport Taxi cab driver. He communicated with me in decent manners.

Helpful Driver

The Gatwick Airport Taxi cab driver was accommodating. he placed my luggage in a cab and charge for that nothing.

10/10 service very good company

I looked on the web and Booked online for the approaching Sunday. The driver was on time however the weather conditions weren't that great, yet the music in the vehicle helped a ton. By and large, the entire thing worked out in a good way.

Reliable service

"Splendid assistance - on time, extremely supportive, dependable, and reliable. We will utilize themOnce more. Good job!          

Good Service

"The service is excellent. I like your administration.Much obliged"            

On-time service

The drivers are always on time. After selecting the cab if a few minutes your selected cab will be available for you.

Well manner Driver

The cab driver was a very down-to-earth person and their behavior was amazing.              Adeline

Noiseless journey

My journey was noiseless compared to other cab services like engine noise and road noise.

Very cooperating

Gatwick Airport Taxi cab worked hard for us! They were most accommodating in arrangements. The get was on time and agreeable and accommodating. Extraordinary work and we anticipate you helping us again later on.              

Safe and smooth journey

I was safe and smooth. I really enjoyed my journey with Gatwick Airport Taxi cab service.

I will recommend

I am very satisfied with the services of Gatwick Airport Taxi cab. I will suggest you use the services of Gatwick Airport Taxi cab.

Good service

I booked the cab and told the cab Gatwick Airport Taxi to make the London city airport the point of a pick as I will be seeing someone there. From there onwards, I booked a cab and the journey was full of stories by my granddad. I will remember this trip forever. Cab service was good as always. We also visited some other famous places.

Good service

The services are so good. You can enjoy Gatwick Airport Taxi cab services.  

Good Driver

"Driver was great! He got us in John O’Groats with a trailer and drove us to Edinburgh.He was exceptionally useful! It was a welcome sight as we had sacks and bicycles having recently cycled fromLand's End! Much thanks to you"

Good service

Gatwick Airport Taxi offer was a good deal. Luxury cars with premium services in a very affordable way. High recommendable to everyone.

The cab driver was very efficient

The driver guided me when I forgot my route. He briefly explained me. I will say thank you


The Gatwick Airport Taxi cab provided us with an amazing journey. it was the very fantastic journey along with the Gatwick Airport Taxi.